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Getting started for subeditors

This article is aimed at new subeditors to assist them in getting started


The main role of subeditors is to create new content, support the editors, and senior and managing editors in the day-to-day content review, as well as editorial projects. Everybody has a different amount of time they can volunteer on but as a rule of thumb, at least a weekly contribution is expected.

Some articles to read and familiarise yourself with include:

Creating content

There are a number of ways to find new content that needs creating or articles that need updating:

  • search for the tag "rewrite" and pick an article that requires updating for content and/or style guide errors
    • do not forget to remove the rewrite tag when you're done
  • write a new article
    • finding new topics to write on is easy, just navigate to the "Related articles" section and if the link is dead then it probably needs creating
    • always check by searching that the article does not already exist under a different title

Editorial projects

The senior editorial board selects editorial projects of various types. You can view proposedcurrent and completed editorial projects - it is very easy to get involved. 

If there is a specific area that you wish to work on please contact Henry Knipe (managing editor) for support and connection with senior editors.

Practical points

If you need help, contact one of the senior or managing editors. You can find a list of all the editors here

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