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How you can help build radiopaedia

This page is a great place to start if you want to get involved in contributing to There are many ways to do this :

  • create your own case library and make your existing cases complete and accurate as possible : see anatomy of a perfect case
  • create new content
  • clean up existing content
  • bring existing articles closer and closer to our : style guide
  • integrate cases with articles
  • integrate and reference journal publications with articles
  • correct a spelling mistake
  • correct a grammatical error
  • correct or inform us of any incorrect content

Articles needing to be written

Although there are already thousands of articles, there are many tens of thousands more still to write. These range from short to multi-part articles. You could start on something that interests you, something you like or need to study about or something that's in your area of sub specialty. Many may have unwritten links (in grey) to them from elsewhere in the site.

There are several categories of articles

Tagged articles

Below are articles that have been tagged as needing a little help from kind folk just like you. 

When you have completed one of the tasks, please remove the tag identifying it. (e.g. remove "stub", or "references needed" etc...)

Of course, if in your travels you see an article that needs some work, please add the relevant tag.


tag = stub

Stubs are little baby articles that need a little nurturing to flower into full adult articlehood.

References needed

tag = refs

These puppies are lacking the all important references. Please refer to the style guide for guidelines about references. 


tag = duplicate

Sometimes we are just overzealous and create not just one article but two for the same topic. These should be merged into one gloriously polished article when possible.

To make sure all the links to each article is preserved please do the following:

  • choose the more complete article and edit that one
  • add the title of the smaller article to the new article's synonym list
  • add the tag "delete me" to the old article
  • remove the content of the old article and replace it with "this article has been merged with [title of new article].

We will periodically delete any articles with the tag "delete me" at which point articles will directly link to the new one...


tag = rewrite

These articles are just not-quite-right and need to have serious work done on them to bring them in line with our style guide.


tag = cases

These articles are written and have reasonable content. However, they don't have enough cases to illustrate them. Often, we have cases sitting in our archive that are perfect - all you have to do is find them and add them!

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