MRI pulse sequence abbreviations

This article contains a list of commonly and less commonly used MRI pulse sequence abbreviations and their meaning. If available, an explanation is included in a separate article.

  • spin echo sequences (SE)
    • T1: T1 weighted
      • IR: inversion recovery
    • T2 : T2 weighted
      • RARE: rapid acquisition with relaxation enhancement
      • HASTE: half-Fourier acquisition single-shot turbo spin-echo
      • BLADE: proprietary name for periodically rotated overlapping parallel lines with enhanced reconstruction (PROPELLER) in MRI systems from Siemens HealthcareTM 4
    • T2*:
      • BOLD imaging: blood oxygen level dependent imaging
    • FSE/TSE: fast/turbo spin echo
    • TGSE: turbo gradient spin echo
    • 3D fast spin echo: isotropic 3D sequences, allowing multiplanar reformats
      • 3D MVOX: 3D multivoxel (Canon)
      • CUBE (GE): not an abbreviation
      • isoFSE (Hitachi)
      • SPACE: sampling perfection with application optimized contrasts using different flip angle evolution (Siemens)
      • VISTA: 3D volume isotropic turbo spin echo acquisition (Philips)
  • gradient echo sequences (GRE)
    • SSFP: steady state free precession
    • TRUFI: true fast imaging with steady-state free precession
    • true FISP: fast imaging with steady-state free precession
    • PSIF: reverse FISP
    • DESS: dual echo steady state
    • FLASH: fast low angle shot 
    • GRASS: gradient recalled acquisition in the steady state
    • SPGR: spoiled gradient recalled
      • VIBE: volumetric interpolated breath-hold examination, volumetric interpolated brain examination
    • CISS: constructive interference in steady-state
    • FIESTA: fast imaging employing steady-state acquisition
    • MERGE: multiple echo recombined gradient echo
    • MEDIC : multi-echo data image combination
  • diffusion-weighted (DW) sequences:
    • DWI: diffusion-weighted imaging
    • ADC: apparent diffusion coefficient maps
  • SWI: susceptibility weighted imaging
  • inversion recovery (IR) sequences:
    • STIR: short tau inversion recovery
    • FLAIR: fluid-attenuated inversion recovery
    • TIRM: turbo inversion recovery magnitude
  • MR angiography (MRA):
    • TOF: time of flight
    • MOTSA: multiple overlapping thin slab acquisitions
    • phase contrast
    • contrast enhanced MR angiography
    • TWIST: time resolved angiography with stochastic trajectories
    • TRICKS: time resolved imaging of contrast kinetics
    • TRAK: time resolved angiography using keyhole
    • TRAQ: time resolved acquisition
    • TRANCE: triggered angiography non-contrast enhanced
  • in and out of phase imaging
  • fat suppressed imaging
  • general techniques:
    • CLEAR: Constant LEvel AppeaRance

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  • Coronal FIESTA sequence through brain stem
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  • Prostatic abscess
    Axial DWI of prostate
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  • Prostatic abscess
    Axial ADC of prostate
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