Post traumatic ganglion cyst


Old fracture of the ulnar styloid with secondary degenerative changes, ganglion cyst and possible ligamentous injury to the triangular fibrocartilage, findings include:

  • Edema of the bone marrow at the base of the ulnar styloid (appreciated on coronal PD fat sat) with interruption and irregularity of the cortex (best appreciated on coronal T2).
  • There is a fluid containing structure just superior to the ulnar styloid having a narrow tail connected to the the ulno-carpal joint (best appreciated on axial T2 sequence).
  • Abnormal signal intensity is also seen at the triangular fibrocartilage suggesting ligamentous injury.
  • There is also mild effusion at the ulno-metacarpal joint. 

Typical appearance of a ganglion cyst: thin walled, fluid filled, benign in nature and having a definite connection to a joint. Ganglion cyst can be idiopathic or secondary to trauma as in this case.