Radiopaedia 2021 - Virtual Conference


Radiopaedia 2021 (July 19-23) is a five-day virtual radiology conference featuring over 70 new on-demand lectures contributed by experts from around the world. In addition to this new content, immediately upon registration, delegates can access encore screenings of selected talks from last year's event. 

The conference is deigned to suit all learners, with lectures divided into an advanced stream targeted at radiologists and radiology trainees, and a general stream featuring foundational content. Delegates are, however, welcome to watch any lecture from either stream (see full program).

We are proud to offer free registration to Radiopaedia All-Access Pass holders and to individuals in 125 low and middle income countries. For everyone else, we have tiered pricing designed to maximise global affordability (see registration options). English subtitles will be provided for all on-demand lectures.

A live-stream page will allow attendees to watch lectures together in realtime, with the schedule spread across 24 hours to ensure anyone, anywhere can get the live experience. All lectures will also be available on-demand and for 30 days after the event, or for 90 days if you are an all-access pass holder. 

Delegates will be able to download a certificate for 30 hours of conference attendance with 30 CPD points/hours claimable with RCR, RANZCR and ASMIRT. There is also a new option to pay a small fee to add-on 30 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™, including SA-CME for the ABR (see CME details). 

We really hope you will join us for Radiopaedia 2021 and we look forward to delivering the highest quality and most globally accessible radiology conference possible.  

Kind regards,    
Andrew Dixon, Vikas Shah & Natalie Yang
Co-conveners of Radiopaedia 2021

Day 1 - Monday July 19
Abdominal imaging
Gynaecologic imaging

Day 2 - Tuesday July 20 
Head & Neck imaging

Day 3 - Wednesday July 21
Chest imaging
Paediatric imaging

Day 4 - Thursday July 22
Musculoskeletal imaging 
Nuclear Medicine

Day 5 - Friday July 23
How to / Tips & Tricks



Free Registration

Registration is free for Radiopaedia All-Access Pass holders and in 125 low and middle income countries. This includes extended 90 day post-event access. If you don't have an All-Access Pass, then you may want to consider purchasing one (visit all-access pass page). Alternatively, you can proceed to conference-only registration further down this page. 

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Full Registration

This option is for consultant/attending doctors who wish to register for the virtual conference with 30-day post-event access. This rate applies to all specialities eg. radiologists, surgeons, emergency physicians, intensivists, general practitioners. In Australia? Pay in AUD instead

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Advanced stream - Day 1

A series of abdominal imaging lectures.

  • Gastric cancer: getting the important info to the table  Matt A Morgan  
  • Complex small bowel obstructions  Michael Hartung  
  • Focal liver lesions in the non-cirrhotic liver Mark Goodwin  
  • Focal liver lesions in the cirrhotic liver Mark Goodwin  
  • Acute non-traumatic abdominal pain in pregnancy Vikas Shah  
  • Cancer mimics in the abdomen and pelvis  Michael Hartung  🅴
  • "3x3" presentation  Pir Abdul Ahad Aziz  🌏

A series of gynaecologic imaging lectures.

  • Beyond T2 shading: the many faces of endometriosis  Natalie Yang  
  • Ultrasound assessment of the fetal brain  Alexandra Stanislavsky  
  • Imaging of subfertility  Emmeline Lee  
  • The added value of pelvic MRI  Ekaterina Alibrahim  
  • Ultrasound of ovarian masses  Alexandra Stanislavsky  🅴
General stream - Day 1

A series of foundational abdominal radiology lectures.

  • Introduction to abdominal CT  Michael Hartung  
  • Abdominal obstructions: ballooning around  Andrew Dixon  
  • Right upper quadrant pain: no stone unturned  George Harisis  
  • Left upper quadrant pain: the forgotten corner  Matt A Morgan  
  • Left lower quadrant pain: to diverticulosis and beyond!  Vikas Shah  
  • Right lower quadrant pain: a survival guide  Matt A Morgan  🅴
  • Anatomy of the retroperitoneum & renal tract  Craig Hacking  🅐

Advanced stream - Day 2

A series of neuroradiology and head & neck imaging lectures.

  • Perfusion and diffusion imaging in stroke  Frank Gaillard  
  • Interactive review of the oral cavity  Christine Glastonbury  
  • Epilepsy in adults: approach to MRI brain interpretation  Derek Smith  
  • Spontaneous intracranial hypotension and spinal CSF leaks  Lalani Carlton Jones 
  • Facial and skull base fractures  Francis Deng  
  • Perineural tumour spread and the skull base  Karda Cavanagh  
  • Imaging of the post-operative neck  Jennifer Gillespie  
  • Beyond thrombectomy: innovations in neurointervention  Tim Phillips  ★  
  • Imaging paranasal sinus disease: anatomy, approach, traps  Jenny Hoang  
  • Perivascular cysts and their mimics Frank Gaillard  🅴
  • Orbital pathology  Andrew Dixon  🅴
  • "3x3" presentation  Bahman Rasuli  🌏
General stream - Day 2

A series of foundational neuroradiology lectures.

  • Introduction to brain MRI  Andrew Dixon   
  • Ischaemic stroke  Frank Gaillard   
  • Brain tumours  Andrew Dixon  
  • Intracranial infections  Francis Deng  
  • Neck emergencies  Derek Smith   
  • Intracranial bleeds  Andrew Dixon  🅴
  • Anatomy of the ventricles and cisterns  Andrew Dixon  🅐

Advanced stream - Day 3

A series of chest imaging lectures. 

  • Recognising the pulmonary lymphatics to differentiate lung disease  Miranda Siemienowicz  
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: diagnosis and outcome prediction  Jonathan Chung  
  • Anterior mediastinal masses: what the radiologist needs to know  Naveen Sharma  
  • Overview of cardiac MRI and common indications  Ben Hudson  
  • Imaging of acute aortic pathology  Craig Hacking  
  • Air trapping, pulmonary cavities & lung cysts  Miranda Siemienowicz  🅴
  • "3x3" presentation  Edgar Lorente  🌏

A series of paediatric imaging lectures. ​

  • Common paediatric brain tumours and their not-so-common mimics  Jeremy Jones  
  • Paediatric abdominal emergencies  John Adu  
  • Scoliosis imaging: how we can make a difference  Jeremy Jones  
  • Paediatric body oncology  Jeremy Jones  🅴
General stream - Day 3

A series of foundational chest radiology lectures.

  • Chest x-ray interpretation: lungs and pleura  Andrew Dixon  
  • Chest x-ray interpretation: heart and mediastinum  Sally Ayesa  
  • Chest x-ray interpretation: lines and tubes  Nick Woznitza  
  • Introduction to chest CT and CTPA  Craig Hacking  
  • Chest trauma  Andrew Dixon  🅴
  • Anatomy of the mediastinum  Craig Hacking  🅐 

Advanced stream - Day 4

A series of musculoskeletal imaging lectures. 

  • ​Radiographic evaluation of bone lesions  Matt Skalski  
  • An approach to shoulder MRI  Dai Roberts 
  • Dynamic elbow ultrasound: tendinopathies and ligament assessment  Daniel Walkley  
  • Multimodality imaging of diabetic foot infection  William Morrison  
  • An approach to ankle MRI  Henry Knipe  
  • Easily missed knee injuries on x-ray with CT and MRI correlation  Diego Lemos  
  • Lumbar disc herniation: nomenclature, tips and pitfalls  Andrew Dixon   
  • Imaging of coccygeal pain  Matt Skalski  🅴
  • "3x3" presentation  Magdalena Chmiel-Nowak  🌏

A series of nuclear medicine lectures. ​

  • Nuclear medicine renal imaging: an overview for radiologists  Sally Ayesa  
  • A guide to non-oncologic PET-CT  David Little 
  • Bone scans: what the radiologist needs to know Sally Ayesa  🅴
General stream - Day 4

A series of foundational musculoskeletal radiology lectures.

  • X-ray assessment of elbow injuries  Jeremy Jones  
  • X-ray assessment of wrist injuries  Andrew Murphy  
  • X-ray assessment of ankle injuries  Henry Knipe  
  • X-ray assessment of knee injuries Andrew Dixon  
  • X-ray assessment of shoulder injuries  Craig Hacking  
  • X-ray assessment of hand injuries  Andrew Murphy  
  • Anatomy of the upper limb  Andrew Dixon  🅐 

Combined stream - Day 5

A series of how to / tips lectures relevant to various groups.

  • How to prepare a talk  Frank Gaillard  
  • Tips and tricks for modern radiology teaching  Vikas Shah  
  • Closing the gap: cross generational learning in radiology  Sherry Wang   
  • Learning, teaching and testing x-ray interpretation  Michael Neep  
  • How to write a g̶r̶e̶a̶t̶ tolerable imaging request  Andrew Dixon  
  • Tips and tricks for image-guided biopsies and drainages  Heather Moriarty  
  • When to call in the IR (and when not to) Chris Nicholas 
  • Why a radiologist should learn pathology  Natalie Yang  
  • Why you need an AI specialist in your department  Luke Oakden-Rayner   
  • How to get the consultant job you want, where you want  David Little  
  • How to build a medical device company  Thomas Oxley  
  • Medical illustration: yes, even you can do it  Matt Skalski  
  • Mindfulness in radiology: avoiding distractions and burnout  Naveen Sharma   
  • Preparing for radiology fellowship exams  Sally Ayesa  🅴
  • A talk on giving talks  Frank Gaillard  🅴
  • Procedural tips for the non-IR  Chris Nicholas  🅴
  • How to make a great radiology report  Michael Hartung  🅴
  • Social media for radiologists  Vikas Shah  🅴

CME Information

All delegates will be able to download a conference attendance certificate for completion of 30 hours of online lectures irrespective of whether you complete the general stream, advanced stream or both streams. It is likely that many professional societies and organisations around the world will accredit this conference as CME/CPD, however given the global nature of the event, it is not possible for us to pre-approve points, with the exception of those listed below. 


This course provides 30 CPD points in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (including 12 MRI Specific RANZCR points). Registrants should watch all videos, complete the multiple choice questions and feedback survey prior to downloading a certificate from their my courses tab.  

AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ including SA-CME for the ABR, and more

Delegates have the option to experience CME automation technology from Orbit CME while earning 30 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ at the conference.  These credits are available for purchase after registration for a special add-on price of $50 (regular price $432). For delegates reporting to the United States, these credits also satisfy SA-CME required by the American Board of Radiology (ABR), and requirements for all states and most speciality boards. For delegates reporting to Europe and Canada, these credits are also recognised by the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) and Section 2 (Scanning) requirements of the Royal College Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. More details will be released over the coming months.

ASMIRT CPD Appellation 

The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy has accredited this conference for 30 CPD hours. A dedicated Radiopaedia 2021 - ASMIRT page has been created where members can access an All-Access Pass discount offer and provide their member ID.

Australian Dollars

Radiopaedia is based in Australia and so are many of the people registering for our courses. We are therefore happy to accept AUD instead of USD if that suits you more. Full rate is for consultants and concession for non-doctors and trainees (interns, registrars) only. 

Tier 1 - Full

$340.00 AUD

Virtual conference registration with 30 day post-event access

Tier 1 - Concession

$250.00 AUD

Virtual conference registration with 30 day post-event access

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Terms and conditions

Any cancellation requests by conference-only delegates received before 19 July 2021 UTC 00:00 will receive a full refund less a USD$80 administration fee (or AUD$100 if you paid in AUD). Cancellation requests received after this time will not be eligible for any refund. Cancellation requests should be emailed to [email protected]

While we don't expect any major change to the conference program, we reserve the right to change the scheduled program, or the running length for any individual lecture, at any time.

For conference-only delegates, your access to the conference videos will end on 23 August 2021 at 00:00 UTC even if your access to the conference page itself is displayed as being beyond this date. For All-Access Pass Holders, your access to the conference videos will end on 22 October 2021 at 00:00 UTC as long as your pass does not expire prior. If your pass expired before or during the event, then discount renewal will be required to regain access. 

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