Atretic parietal cephalocele


Atretic parietal cephalocele is a subgaleal lesion that consists of dura, fibrous tissue and dysplastic brain tissue.

Radiographic findings include:

  • Subgaleal soft tissue mass with intracranial extension via sharply demarcated calvarial defect (cranium bifidum)
  • CSF tract and vertical falcine vein point to the subcutaneous scalp mass
  • vertically oriented primitive falcine vein
  • fibrous stalk connecting the cephalocele
  • focal fenestration of superior sagittal sinus at the atretic parietal cephalocele
  • prominence of the superior cerebellar cistern and suprapineal recess
  • superior peaking of the posterior tentorium
  • spinning top configuration of the tentorial incisura

Differential diagnosis :