Morgagni's hernia


Morgagni`s hernia (retrosternal hernia) is a rare type of DH that arises from anterior medial septum transversum defect due to failure of closure of the pars sternalis with the seventh costochondral arch. The anatomic defect is also known as Larrey’s space caused by the passage of the superior epigastric vessels. Although MH usually lies on the right side and slightly posterior to the xiphoid process, it may be found on the left side or bilaterally. The presence of the pericardium has been proposed as a barrier against the occurrence of the left-sided hernia. MHs constitute 2–6% of CDH cases and 2–4% of the whole of non-traumatic diaphragmatic hernias in the adult. They have a covering or sac, and the hernia sac frequently contains the omentum, transverse colon, and rarely stomach or liver. Malrotation or malfixation of the intestine may be found in association with MH.